My favorite pieces of career advice

tulip field-7320

Hello! My blogging friend Jenny recently tagged me to share some advice that I would give to my younger self. Here are some of my favorite pieces of career advice that have been passed on to me over the years that I’ve found helpful:

– Enjoy the process. Life is a series of stages and goals and if you are always looking ahead to the next phase you will miss out on enjoying the present!

– There is a good chance you will ultimately regret decisions that place career before family. You will probably never regret career decisions made for the sake of your family.

– Get a job doing something you enjoy so you can pay others to do the things you do not enjoy. (Or things you are not good at, like landscaping! #Ihaveablackthumb)

– As a working mom, juggling the balls of life will be a constant challenge. Some of the balls will inevitably drop and that’s okay… if they are important, you will pick them back up right away. The other ones can be picked back up if and when the time is right.

The photo at the beginning of this post is from a tulip farm that my girls and I visited last month. We went on a weekday when there weren’t many people there and it was stunning! I hope you are enjoying the spring as much as we are!

Parenting Pearls

~ our family flying in a rocket ship past a rainbow

My girls are in pre-kindergarten and this past week we had our first parent-teacher conference. Lucky for us the girls are doing well and are on track for starting kindergarten in the fall… yay! Their teacher is a veteran preschool teacher with decades of experience, so we asked her for advice/tips on what we could do as parents to help our girls at home. She shared several tips with us that she encourages all parents to consider, and I thought I would share them here on the blog for those of you who also have little ones in your life:

1. Let your kids take baths as opposed to showers. Warm baths with extra time for water play is relaxing and gives kids a much needed chance to unwind.

2. Let your kids see you reading regularly, and if appropriate, share what you are reading with them. It’s important for kids to view reading not as work, but as something enjoyable and fun for people of all ages.

3. Encourage kids to help with cleaning up/chores by telling them that if everyone helps, there will be extra time to play a game or read a story. Kids value time spent with parents more than anything.

4. Limit screen time, and be aware of what your kids are watching and/or what video games they are playing.

Happy monday! 🙂