DIY Rhinestone and Curb Chain Bracelet


Rhinestone and curb chain are such a pretty combination… most of the jewelry I’ve seen featuring this combo is larger in scale and created as more of a statement piece. I’ve always been partial to more delicate jewelry pieces, so I decided to make my own simple rhinestone and curb chain bracelet using smaller scale chains. Here are the directions for this easy DIY project:


You will need the following supplies:

rhinestone cup chain
curb chain
cup chain crimp on ends
jump rings
lobster clasp
two pairs of chain nose pliers
wire cutting pliers


Cut two pieces of rhinestone cup chain and attach a crimp on end to the end of each chain (four total). Click here for a tutorial on how to use crimp on ends.


Attach each rhinestone cup chain strand to the curb chain using jump rings. You’ll need to orient the jump rings in the appropriate direction so that the bracelet will lay flat. Click here for a tutorial on how to open and close a jump ring.


Cut the curb chain to the desired length. Add a couple of jump rings to one end and a jump ring and lobster clasp to the other end. Voila!


Geometric Heart Note Card

Last month Jeran at Oleander+Palm created a beautiful giant geometric wall heart that inspired me to create this simple heart note card.

heart supplies
All you need is washi tape (one roll or many depending on the look you desire) and a notecard! Cut the washi tape into triangles… you’ll need twenty of them.

geometric heart
Assembling the note card only takes a few minutes! The great thing about washi tape is that it’s easy to peel off and reposition if necessary.