Farmer’s Market Finds

One of the best things about summers in Oregon is the abundance of farmer’s markets filled with fresh local produce. My husband and I love to cook/bake, and we are lucky in that our twin girls are adventurous and voracious eaters who love fresh fruits and vegetables. (Strawberries and red bell peppers are their favorites!) Browsing the aisles and picking out ingredients for meals is one of our favorite family activities. Here are some photos from our latest farmer’s market visit along with some of the dishes we made with our fresh finds…

~flowers from the balloon sculptor

~red wagon full of market loot

~coveted Oregon Hood strawberries… red throughout and incredibly sweet

~vanilla ice cream with Hood strawberries and balsamic/brown sugar reduction

~maitake mushroom

~maitake mushroom pizza with fresh basil

~chinook salmon with brown sugar/dijon mustard glaze and asparagus


P.S.- My blogger friend MJ from Pars Caeli recently went to a lovely farmer’s market too! Check out her post here.


    1. Our girls were asking me today about going back to the farmer’s market this weekend to buy more strawberries. Hopefully the season won’t go by too quickly!

    1. All you do is slather on a layer of Dijon mustard and sprinkle with brown sugar… super easy! My husband cooked it on our outdoor grill on a cedar plank. I’m sure it would be tasty cooked in a regular oven too!

  1. My favorite photo is the one of your daughter being so excited to eat cereal while wearing cereal PJs…so precious, and such innocence!

    My bf and I are making a trip to Oregon over the 4th…will definitely need to try those Oregon hood strawberries!

    1. Thanks, Victoria! How exciting that you will be visiting Oregon… the weather is usually really nice during the 4th of July and I hope you are able to try some hoods, they are the best!

  2. Everything looks so fresh and yummy! Love the last photo with the background nicely blurred! Great positioning of the peonies! Did you make strawberry jam with all those strawberries!

    1. The last photo was taken with my phone! 😉 I am learning to resist the urge to center everything in photos. Believe it or not, we ate all the strawberries!

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